Persistent back pain, neck pain, migraines and headaches force you to give up things you love doing. Truth is, pain changes everything. Fact is, chiropractic care can change pain because your chiropractor is a spine, muscle and nervous system expert trained to diagnose the cause of your pain, recommend treatment options to relieve that pain, and help you prevent it from coming back.

Each year, close to one million Albertans find relief from pain and lead healthier, more active lives thanks to chiropractic care.

2017 Toasty Toes Campaign

Our third annual Toasty Toes Sock Drive happens again this September. Alberta chiropractors are proud to partner with United Way and Wood’s Homes in this province-wide initiative to warm the feet of vulnerable Albertans.

Last year, thanks to the wonderful support from Alberta residents, we were able to collect nearly 9500 pairs of socks for vulnerable Albertans. This year, we are aiming to collect 25,000 pairs of socks for shelters and programs throughout the province, and are calling on all Albertans to donate a new pair or package of socks by dropping them off at a local chiropractor’s clinic throughout the month of September. Socks are consistently requested by charitable organizations, yet one of the least donated items.

Click here to learn more about our third annual Toasty Toes Campaign.

The ACAC turns 100 this year!

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The story of chiropractic doesn’t only belong to chiropractors – it belongs to every Albertan impacted by chiropractic. Tell your piece of the story here.