Your patients need you

The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors remains unwavering in its position that chiropractors, and the care they provide, are essential to patients. We know this, and your patients know this. We have developed the tools below to help you communicate with your patients about the steps you're taking to protect them.

ACAC COVID-19 Pandemic Practice Directive

This directive outlines all requirements to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please use these checklist for complying with the pandemic measures introduced on November 24, 2020 and to screen patients before they enter your clinic.

Clinic signage 

These signs can be posted in your clinic to help instruct patients and inform them of operational changes.

Social graphics

These graphics can be used across your social media channels to inform your patients of updates in your clinic.

Questions about returning to practice?

Letter templates

These letters can be used to communicate with your patients and adapted to your needs.

Email template C:  this template can be used to advise patients that masking in your clinic is mandatory and walk-in services are unavailable at this time.

Email template B: this template can be used to advise patients on new procedures to book, such as pre-screening, as well as remind them to ensure they do not enter the clinic while experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms.

Email template A: this template can be used to alert patients that your clinic is not yet open but implementing changes to meet new public health requirements.

Mini communications plan

This plan is meant to help you communicate with your patients as you get ready to return to practice. You can implement this plan as much or as little as you like.

Return to Practice action plan

Please use the checklist below to ensure that you and your clinic are ready to transition back to practice. 

Return to Practice feedback survey

We want to hear how implementation of the Return to Practice plan is going in your clinic. Please submit your feedback to us using this survey.