We provide letters of standing for current and previously registered Alberta chiropractors on request.

How to request a letter of standing

1. Save* to your desktop and complete the Consent for Letter of Standing fillable form

Note: We will accept an electronic signature if the form is emailed from the email address you have listed on your member profile.

(*Right-click and save the form to your desktop to be able to enter and then save the information).

2. Email your completed form to office@albertachiro.com

3. Allow 15 business days for processing

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ACAC send out letters of standing?

Letters of standing are sent via regular letter mail and/or email. If you request an email version, you will be cc-ed. If you request a hard copy, the letter will be mailed via Canada Post, and a scan copy will be sent to you via email for your records.

How long does it take?

Letters of standing are usually sent within 15 business days.

What if I need more than one letter of standing?

One completed form per letter of standing request is required.

Can I ask for rush (expedited) processing?

No, we are not able to expedite requests for letters of standing. You can however arrange to have a courier pick up your letter when it is ready. Otherwise we send it via regular mail. Note that arranging for a courier and paying for the costs of same are your responsibility.

What is the cost for a letter of standing?

There is no cost for a letter of standing.

I know there are complaints on my file. Will they be noted on my letter of standing?

For details, please refer to the Understandings and Consent section of the Consent for Letter of Standing form.