Practicing in Alberta

Download our Practicing in Alberta brochure to learn about:
  • ACAC membership categories
  • ACAC membership dues and fees
  • The licensing process: frequently asked questions, including a special note about licensing in May or June 
  • Professional obligations once you become an ACAC member
  • Option additions to your practice


Applications for registration

New Canadian graduates >

  • Canadian educated applicants who are not yet licensed in Canada and have completed the CCEB exam (parts A, B and C) within the last year.

New international graduates >

  • Internationally-educated applicants who have completed the CCEB exam (parts A, B and C).

Registered in Canada >

  • Chiropractors who practice in another regulated jurisdiction in Canada and labour mobility candidates under the CFTA. 

Practicing internationally >

  • Canadian or internationally educated applicants who have completed the CCEB examination but are not currently registered in Canada, but have been registered and are in active practice in another jurisdiction. 

Previously registered in Alberta >

  • Individuals previously registered in Alberta who have not registered in another jurisdiction and are now applying to reinstate their registration. 

Courtesy register >

  • Registration on the courtesy register is available to chiropractors currently registered in another jurisdiction requiring temporary entry to Alberta.

Mandatory Standard First Aid with CPR-C Certification

Please visit our Standard First Aid with CPR-C page to learn more about this requirement. Important note: You are not required to obtain this certification in order to obtain a licence. However, once you are licensed, it becomes a mandatory requirement to renew your licence.


Please feel free to contact the office.