Registration for new Canadian graduates 

This application is for Canadian-educated applicants who are not yet licensed in Canada and have completed parts A, B and C of the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board (CCEB) exam within the last year.


All applicants must have a chiropractic degree from a CCEC-accredited program

CCEB examination

All applicants must demonstrate successful completion of parts A, B and C of the CCEB exam. 

Language proficiency

All applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the English language to be able to safely and competently practice as a chiropractor. You may meet the language requirement in one of three ways:

  1. Complete your Chiropractic Education in English.
  2. Pass an approved English language test by an ACAC-designated exam provider.
  3. Submit letters from previous employers confirming your ability to fluently communicate in English.

Character and reputation

All applicants must meet the ACAC standards of good character and reputation. This includes submitting documentation demonstrating the applicant has no past or present behaviour/conduct that would put the Alberta public at risk. Evidence is collected by self-declarations, criminal record checks, reports on regulatory history and civil judgments. Professional liability protection (PLP) insurance Members with the ACAC must hold at least $5 million per claim, and a $5 million aggregate amount per year on their policies.

Jurisprudence exam

Applicants must demonstrate an understanding and application of the rules governing practice in Alberta with the successful completion of the ACAC jurisprudence exam. This is an open-book true/false exam with questions generated from the Health Professions Act, the Chiropractors Profession Regulations, ACAC Bylaws, ACAC Standards of Practice and ACAC Administrative Policies.

You are allowed three attempts to achieve a passing grade of 100 per cent. If you do not pass on your first attempt, you will be required to correct your answers and re-submit. If you do not receive 100 per cent by your third attempt, you may choose to re-write a different version of the exam. You are allowed a maximum of two re-writes and there is a $100 fee for each re-write. If you remain unsuccessful and still want to proceed, you must meet with the ACAC Registrar. 

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