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Dr. Ronald Latch | Practice permit: 424

Effective 4:00 p.m. Friday, August 23, 2019, the following conditions are placed on Dr. Latch’s practice permit until the completion of College disciplinary proceedings:

  1. Dr. Latch shall not see or treat female patients except in the presence of a chaperone
    1. who is a registered health care professional actively licensed to practice in the Province of Alberta under the Health Professions Act;
    2. is not a relative or spouse of Dr. Latch or a current employee or patient of his practice;
    3. is aware of the charges against Dr. Latch and the conditions placed on Dr. Latch’s practice permit;
    4. is satisfactory to the Complaints Director;
    5. agrees to report to the Complaints Director in writing on a weekly basis in a manner agreed upon with the Complaints Director; and
    6. agrees to immediately contact the Complaints Director in respect to any concerns regarding Dr. Latch.
  2. Dr. Latch shall not see or treat any minor female patients unless those patients are in the presence of a parent or guardian and the chaperone described in Condition 1.
  3. Dr. Latch shall ensure that he or, where he deems appropriate, his office staff, advise female patients of the presence of the chaperone and the fact that the chaperone’s presence is required by an order made at the request of the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, including
    1. when a new female patient or parent of a minor female patient calls to book an appointment; and
    2. when a returning female patient or, in the case of minor female patients, their parents or guardians call to book an appointment.