Hearings occur in cases where a complaint against a chiropractor led to an investigation that reveals a violation of the chiropractic Standard of Practice and/or Code of Ethics. As set out in the Health Professions Act, a hearing tribunal will consider evidence and determine whether or not the chiropractor is found guilty of professional misconduct. Disciplinary measures and the penalties incurred by the chiropractor are also determined by the hearing tribunal.

How to attend a hearing

Hearings are open to the public unless the hearing tribunal accepts a motion or application to close a hearing. The decision to close a hearing can be made at the last minute. We will make every attempt to notify registered attendees in advance. Please also note that the date hearings are scheduled for may be subject to change. Members of the public should check the website for current hearing information.

Register for a hearing

Please note registering five business days in advance of the hearing is required. Seating for members of the public is limited and reserved on a “first come” basis. For information about observing and registering for the hearing, please contact our Hearings Director.


Rules to attend a hearing

1. Once a hearing has started, observers are not allowed entry until a recess is called. 

2. Observers must register at reception upon arrival and must wear the name tag provided that identifies their observer status. Observers are permitted access to public areas and limited access to the hearing room.

3.Observers must not use cameras or recording devices in the hearing room. This includes pen and paper.

4. ALL communication devices including cell phones and portable computers must be turned off and remain off while inside the hearing room.

5. No external food or drink is allowed in the hearing room.

6. Observers are not permitted to address the members of the hearing tribunal (in or out of session) and must remain quiet during the proceedings.

7. Observers must leave the hearing room for the duration of every recess, for any portion of a hearing held in private, and when the tribunal deliberates. During these times, observers are restricted to public areas of the building.

8. If an observer needs to leave the hearing room for any reason while the hearing is in session, he/she will not be permitted to return to the room until the end of the next recess.

9. Lunch is provided to the hearing tribunal and the parties involved. Observers must leave the ACAC office during the lunch break and during extended recesses.

10. During brief recesses, observers may sit quietly in a designated area, space permitting, but may not discuss the hearing or disrupt the daily work of ACAC staff.

11. When an observer leaves the hearing with no intention of returning, he/she must sign out at reception and return the observer name tag to ACAC.


When a decision has been reached by the hearing tribunal, the ACAC Complaints Director and the chiropractor have 30 days to request an appeal to Council.