For the first time ever we will be presenting a province-wide launch of our new Straighten Up Alberta music video through a live YouTube feed and we are inviting all of Alberta to tune in and be part of the day’s events!

On October 16, 2013, more than 1,700 students along with teachers, administrators, media and community members are set to participate in the launch of a brand new music video that encourages youth to get up and get moving.

The music video messaging is simple, “three minutes a day or we don’t play – come on man, you better straighten up!” The video highlights Straighten Up Alberta (SUA), a community service initiative developed by Alberta’s chiropractors designed to help prevent spinal health issues through awareness of strong posture and by teaching Albertans how to strengthen their posture.

We are encouraging all Alberta schools to get involved …

Bringing SUA into your school and encouraging your students to be more active and conscious of their spinal health and posture will have lasting effects – and what better way to instill this message for youth and children than through the power of music.

Your students won’t be able to resist the catchy tune and memorable lyrics of the SUA song, but what’s more important is the message the video brings – strengthening your posture and being healthy helps you achieve your goals.

Be part of this one-of-a kind event that will be fun and engaging! Register to be part of this event by completing our online registration form.Participating schools will be listed on our website and the first 25 schools to register will be entered to win 2 iPads!

We look forward to your participation in this exciting music and movement event!

For more details on the Straighten Up Alberta program visit