Standard first-aid with CPR-C

 All registered ACAC members are required to provide proof that they have obtained, at minimum, Standard First Aid with CPR-C (both are required) certification by the last business day in June in order for membership renewal requirements to be met.

This requirement applies to each and every member who is currently licensed in Alberta – regardless of licensure date.

If you have already submitted your certificate for the June 2019 renewal, you do not need to submit it to renew for 2020–unless it is expiring prior to membership renewal 2019. Otherwise, you do not have to submit the certificate again until the certification expires.

Standard first aid and CPR-C quick facts

Please review our quick facts sheet for an overview of this requirement. For more detailed information, please read on.

Which programs are recognized as accredited?

Members may obtain Standard First Aid with CPR-C (both are required) certification through any organization accredited by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety.

The OHS list of accredited organizations can be accessed here – scroll down to Approved training courses and access the document titled, “List of approved first aid training agencies and courses.”

OHS accreditation is evaluated quarterly, so ensure you are accessing the most current version of their document when you are looking for a provider.

If you choose a course provider who is not specifically on the OHS list:

  • they must be affiliated with/certified by one who is on the list in order for your course to be eligible (for example, they must be certified by Canadian Red Cross, or St. John’s Ambulance, etc.)
  • the certifying organization’s logo must be shown on the certificate for your course to be eligible (e.g., Canadian Red Cross logo)

It is your responsibility to:

  • research and contact your chosen program provider to see if it is affiliated with/certified by one of these organizations, and;
  • to ensure that the course you are registering for includes at minimum Standard First Aid with CPR-C.

The ACAC does not approve providers or courses. Refer to the OHS list and consult with your course provider to ensure their offering meets the mandatory minimum requirement.

Certificate requirements

Ensure you obtain at minimum Standard First Aid with CPR-C (both are required). Lesser certifications do not meet this requirement. We recommend you refer to the standard first-aid and CPR quick facts sheet for further details on which levels are eligible or not – prior to registering in a course.

To meet your membership renewal requirements and to be eligible for CC credits, your certificate(s) must evidence the following:

  • Standard First Aid with CPR-C (both are required)
  • the date the certificate was issued
  • the certificate expiry date
  • that the certificate was issued by an accredited provider
  • that it is an official certificate

If you have taken separate Standard First Aid and CPR-C courses, each certificate must meet the above requirements.

We will not accept:

  • certificates indicating that part of the course was taken – you must submit the final certificate that shows the full course is complete (i.e., no interim certificates)
  • certificates that do not meet the above-listed criteria
  • certificates for a course that is completely online with no in-person training

How many Continuing Competence (CC) credits will I receive?

  • Initial certification = maximum of twelve (12) credits.
  • Recertification = maximum of eight (8) credits.
CC credits earned in the current period cannot be carried forward into next year.

How do I submit my CPR certificate?

Fax: 780.425.6583

How long do I need to maintain certification?

You are required to maintain the Standard First Aid and CPR-C with AED certification as long as you are a member of the ACAC.

Certification period

Many programs offer three year certification. This means certification/re-certification is only required one time, every three years. Be sure to check how long your chosen program’s certification lasts.

What if my CPR certificate expires before the last business day in June?

With each member’s certification expiring at different times throughout the calendar year, your requirement is only to demonstrate proof of valid Standard First Aid with CPR-C (both are required) by the last business day of June of the year that your existing certificate expires.

For example, if your certification expires in February, you can provide proof of recertification any time between February and the last business day in June (although we don’t recommend you leave it until the last minute).

Remember that you can recertify only once per CPR course. The subsequent course must be a full certification. You will always be alternating between certifying and recertifying (unless you choose the full certification each time). 8 CC credits will be awarded only once per certification/recertification in the year that the course was taken.