Council is committed to connecting with members and to ensure the broadest possible understanding of ACAC activities.

ACAC members are encouraged to contact their assigned Council member (or the Council member of their choice) with any questions or concerns. Additionally, members will occasionally receive Council News, an e-newsletter which is sent out on an as-needed basis, and which reports on special Council news and decisions.

Which Council member should I contact? If your surname...

begins with A, J, K, N,  contact Dr. Brad Kane

begins with M, O, Q, T or W, contact Dr. Kirsten Baxter

begins with B, C, F, U or Y, contact Dr. Chad Kulak 

begins with E, L, P or R, contact Dr. Jamila Abdulla 

begins with D, I, S or Z, contact Dr. Peter Shipka 

begins with G, H, V or X, contact Dr. Darrel Kopala 

Your Council Members

Your Public Council Members

Ms. Karen Reschke
Public Member

Ms. Patricia Pelton
Public Member