The ACAC is governed by a Council that is elected by its membership, Alberta’s registered chiropractors. Council governs in a manner that respects and protects the privilege of self-regulation granted to the profession and is responsible for making decisions that best serve the public interest and ensure the quality of chiropractic care in Alberta. On behalf of the ACAC, Council protects and serves Albertans by defining and implementing a Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Bylaws to ensure Alberta chiropractors provide high quality, competent and ethical chiropractic care. 

Our governing Council is made up of an equal number of regulated members elected by their peers and public members appointed by the Alberta government. Public members provide a critically necessary public-oriented perspective and ensure decisions and actions made by Council are in the best interest of Albertans. The Chair is elected by sitting Council members. 

Contacting Council

Council is committed to connecting with members and to ensure the broadest possible understanding of ACAC activities.

ACAC members are encouraged to contact their assigned Council member (or the Council member of their choice) with any questions or concerns. Additionally, members will occasionally receive Council News, an e-newsletter which is sent out on an as-needed basis, and which reports on special Council news and decisions.

Council members

  • Dr. Brad Kane, Chair
  • Dr. Kirsten Baxter, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Jamila Abdulla 
  • Dr. Zara Brayer
  • Dr. Jason Hollingsworth
  • Dr. Peter Shipka

Public members

  • Ms. Karen Reschke
  • Ms. Patricia Pelton, Finance Chair
  • Ms. Alethea Austin