Chiropractic for TMJ Pain

When most people think of the work a chiropractor does, their thoughts immediately go to correcting problems with the back, neck, spine, etc. Perhaps the last place you’d expect a [...]

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Catching Some Zzzs – How to Prevent Sleep-Associated Pain

Sleep. All of us could probably use more of it with our go-go lifestyles. Approximately 14 per cent of Canadians suffer from insomnia. A good night’s sleep is essential to [...]

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Frequent Headaches: How Chiropractic Can Help

Headaches are a common inconvenience for many Albertans. They can seemingly strike at any time. Nearly 90 per cent of women and about 70 per cent of men will get [...]

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Parenting Without Injury: How To Prevent Injuries For New Parents

Having a young child is hard. This isn’t exactly breaking news to any parent. Most new parents can foresee the mental exhaustion that comes with the gig; long days, sleepless [...]

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NAOSH Week Profile: Staying Healthy In A Busy World

North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) week runs May 1-7. During NAOSH week, anyone in the workplace, whether they work at a desk or on their feet, are encouraged [...]

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The Extreme Pain Of Wry Neck

The first time you experience Wry neck, you immediately know something is wrong. Even the smallest movement is excruciatingly painful. You aren’t able to turn your head without pain. You [...]

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Chiropractic For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The expression “lending a hand,” has come to mean offering great assistance. We use this expression because we realize how important our hands are in our day-to-day activities. Those who [...]

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Chiropractic For Car Accident Whiplash Injuries

Albertans are, for the most, part enjoying a relatively mild winter. This means driving on Alberta roads has been much less of headache than past winters. However, we all know [...]

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Chiropractic For Back-Pain During Pregnancy

The news that you will be welcoming a new life into the world and your family brings with it a lot of excitement. “Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience,” [...]

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Celebrating World Spine Day: Part I – Protecting Your Back At Home

October 16th is World Spine Day (WSD). On this day every year, those across the globe, within the health care community, various political decision makers and general public, gather to [...]

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