Kick up your heels!

Reprinted with permission from the Ontario Chiropractic Association. Not only can those brand new high-heeled shoes cause pain in your feet, they can cause low back pain as well. [...]

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Minimize pregnancy-related back pain

Reprinted with permission from the Ontario Chiropractic Association. Did you know that at least half of pregnant women experience back pain? And 10% of those report discomfort severe enough [...]

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Staying Active During Winter

You go outside, only to find your hands freezing and nose running. You drive to work in the pitch-black of darkness and step outside after a long day on the [...]

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How Changing your Exercise Routine can Help your Overall Joint Health

A large part of chiropractic is helping patients find patterns in their lifestyles that may be contributing to their pain. Your chiropractor can also help identify ways to adapt some [...]

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Your Feet May be Causing Your Lower Back Pain

Can’t seem to find an answer as to why your back is aching? The answer might lie right below you … your feet. It’s easy to assume aches in pains [...]

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Chiropractors as Part of the Opioid Reduction Strategy in Canada

It is hard to live in Canada and not be aware of Canada’s current Opioid Crisis. An estimated 2,000 Canadians are dying annually from prescription opioids. Our country is facing [...]

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Heat vs. Ice: Which Works Best for Treating Injuries?

Heat vs. Ice … It may sound like the title of an upcoming blockbuster movie, but it’s a question most active people have mulled over during their life after they’ve [...]

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Chiropractic a Piece of the Puzzle in Dealing with your Child’s Concussion

The hardest injuries to diagnose and treat are the ones we can’t visualize. Imagine trying to tend to your child’s scraped knee if you couldn’t see it. Even with all [...]

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Stay Out on the Dance Floor and Out of Pain

Dance is a beautiful art form. The hallmark of a great dancer is one who incorporates fluidity and mobility into their movements. This also means a dancer is one who [...]

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Chiropractic for Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a misleading name for a common injury. Despite the name, tennis elbow is not just a concern for Serena Williams or Roger Federer. While tennis players can [...]

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