Back pain affects as many as 85 per cent of Albertans at some point in their lives and is the number one cause of prescription and non-prescription drug use according to the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board. Anyone who has already experience back pain knows that living with it can be exhausting and frustrating.

Back pain causes a great deal of discomfort that can impede even simple, routine activities like walking, sitting and sleeping. Back pain is also one of the top reasons why nearly one million Albertans each year seek treatment from a chiropractor.

“Back pain resulting from injury or trauma is more evolving than chronic back pain. Early and proper management for an acute injury is really important,” says Dr. Brian Gushaty, registrar for the ACAC. “Outcomes are far better with earlier intervention.”

 Back pain may seem like a simple concern; however, it often carries more serious undertones that can be detected with the help of a chiropractor.

Back Pain Myths

One myth is the belief that back pain will heal on its own, over time, which is not always the case. Sometimes back pain will resolve itself, but if this doesn’t happen, or it gets worse, it’s best to see your chiropractor.

The second myth is that surgery is an early answer to treating back pain. In most cases, surgery to relieve back pain should only be used as a last resort, after non-surgical treatment options have been exhausted.

The third myth is that young children do not suffer from back pain. Back pain can affect anyone, regardless of age.


While it is often believed that over-the-counter drugs can provide sufficient relief from back pain, Doctors of Chiropractic are experts who are trained to not only diagnose but also treat conditions that lead to back, neck and head pain.

Chiropractors also have the expertise to treat injuries caused by car accidents, whiplash, sports and workplace accidents, as well as daily sprains and muscle strains.

To help reduce the further onset of back pain, chiropractors may offer patients recommendations for lifestyle choices relating to diet and nutrition, as well as exercise regimens. Chiropractors also work with other health care providers and refer to specialists when needed.

When in doubt about any experience of back pain, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. “Seek expert consultation — it could be nothing, but it could be substantial. Early intervention always leads to better outcomes,” says Dr. Gushaty.

Find a Chiropractor

Referrals are not needed to see a chiropractor and treatment is covered by most extended health plans making chiropractic treatment easily accessible for most Albertans. Ask friends, family and colleagues for a referral; you may be surprised by how many people you know go to a chiropractor. You can also visit and click on Find a Chiropractor to locate a chiropractor in your area.