Maybe it’s the allure of the possible danger, or the excited rush you get from being the everyday hero that calls people to be a stunt person. It’s exciting, it’s dangerous … and let’s face it – it’s just a little rewarding to be able to do something that someone else can’t.

But what really is an everyday stunt person? Everyday stunt people make their living by stepping into those everyday situations that can cause pain, strains and injuries. She’s the woman effortlessly lifting her 40 lb rescue pup into the wash basin for a bath at the Laundro-mutt … or the man loading his teenaged daughter’s suitcase into the car with ease before a family vacation.

It’s a turkey-taking-out-of-the-oven, newspaper-picking-up, baby-loading-in-the-car, lawn-mowing and, well, everyday situation kind of gig.

Being an everyday stunt person is cool. It’s hip. It’s something not everyone can do. OR IS IT?

As we saw in 2011, the plight of the everyday stunt person was increasing. We caught up with two stunt people recently who have said that “it [being an everyday stunt person] used to be a good job. But now that more than half of Albertans have seen a chiropractor, people are starting to take care of their own stunts.”

The truth is everyday stunts don’t have to leave you in pain or agony, and they definitely don’t have to mean missing out on the things you love doing. Chiropractic care can help get you feeling, moving and living better.

Almost three in four Albertans believe chiropractic care is good for back pain. But it appears that Albertans know that chiropractic care can also help with joint pain. One in four Calgarians and Edmontonians rank chiropractors as their first choice for joint pain treatment.

With so many Albertans who feel better, move better and live better thanks to chiropractic, it’s no wonder they would want to take control of their lives and do their own stunts. We at the ACAC understand that there will always be people who choose to utilize the services of a stunt person for their everyday situations, but we want to make sure all Albertans know it is their choice.

If you’re interested in doing your own everyday stunts with more ease, consider chiropractic. With almost two out of three patients recommending chiropractic, there are lots of people to talk to … and the other third? Well, we think they’re probably just shy. After all, current patients rank satisfaction with chiropractic services at 93%.

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