Navigating the website

While our website may not look completely new, we have updated the navigation in order to make information easier to find and access. Here, we will review the new navigation of the website and where to find the pages you access most often. 

New navigation 


The new navigation contains five main sections. We have completely done away with the concept of separate public and members websites – as you may remember, the pages you could access would change based on whether you were on the public’s side or the member’s side. 

Now, all pages are visible through the same navigation whether or not you are logged in. However, some pages can only be accessed by members that are logged in. If you come across one of these pages, you will be prompted to log in to view the content. If you are not a member, you will not be able to view the content. 

Navigation was built using web usability best practices and was User Experience (UX) tested with a group of members. The valuable feedback provided by these members helped us streamline the navigation, so all information is easy to find. 

Chiropractic in Alberta

This section is for members of the public and other non-chiropractic groups to learn about what chiropractors do and how they practice in Alberta. This includes blog posts and the ACAC’s community initiatives, including Toasty Toes. 

Also contained in this section is information for the public on certain coverage they can use to obtain chirpractic treatment, including but not limited to Workplace Compensation Board (WCB) coverage. 
Lastly, we house all relevant legislation and standards under which Alberta chiropractors practice. This includes the Chiropractic Profession Regulation, Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Administrative Policies. 

Registration and renewal

This section of the website is for potential and current members to obtain a practice permit with the ACAC or to renew their permit for another practice year. All information related to your practice permit is here, include mandatory CPR/First Aid requirements, letters of standing and how to change your member status. 

Complaints and discipline

In this section, members of the public can find information about our complaints process including how to file a complaint or attend a hearing. We will also begin posting discipline decisions as per changes to our Bylaws stemming from Bill 21, and information on the Patient Relations Program. 

Practice resources

A one-stop shop for all of our members’ practice needs! All resources you need for your clinic can be found here, including patient charting information. We also have included resources for marketing your practice under Marketing & Promotions, as well as updated information about the ACAC’s MAPP program and how we are marketing the professional as a whole. 
You can also get your CC credit hours by searching through the new seminars search page or search for an associate or equipment in the new Marketplace classified listings. 


This section is dedicated to information about the College and Association, including staff and Council contact information, news, upcoming events and publications.