Navigating your member profile

Welcome to your new member profile. Here we will outline the sections of the member profile and what information you can access. 

To find your member profile, log in to the website and click “Members’ centre” at the top of the page.

On the left side of your members' centre, you will see the following:

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • A photo of you (optional)
  • Your member type
  • Your membership status
  • Your practice permit number
  • The Public Register Profile button, which will show you what is displayed when someone from the public looks you up in the directory
  • Your Council contact information
  • Your current CC credit standing
  • Alerts and deadlines
  • The My Marketplace Ads button, which will show you your current ads an allow you to extend their duration. If you want to revise any ads, please contact

  • Your profile

    In the main section of your member profile, you will see tabs for five sections: profile, clinics, invoices; continuing competence; events; receipts; and permits.

    Profile, Clinics, Invoices

    In this section, you will find your personal information under My Details, including your name and contact information. You can edit your contact information in this section by clicking the pen icon in the upper-right corner. 

    Below that you will see My Addresses. You can edit your address the same way as editing your contact information, by selecting the pen icon in the upper-right of the address box. 

    The next section is My Clinics. Here you can add a new clinic, but you will not be able edit the information once the clinic is added. If you need to edit clinic information, please contact us directly at

    The last part of this section has to do with your financial and invoice information. First you will see My Current Charges, which will tell you if you have any outstanding payments to make. You can make payments online by clicking the “Proceed to Pay” button. 

    Next you will see two sections titles Membership Dues History and Invoice History. As some members may have many years of payment history, these sections are hidden by default. You can unhide these sections by selection the down-arrow to the right of each section title. 

    The last section is Open Invoices. Here you can view the details of currently open invoices that are outstanding.  

    Continuing Competence

    The Continuing Competence section of your member profile contains all current and historical data about your submitted and approved CC credit hours. 

    The first section is CC Summary. This is a summary of your CC credit hours for the current renewal period. It also indicates whether you are due to renew your CPR this reporting cycle.

    The next section is CC Credit History. This is a searchable database of your historical continuing competence credits. You can search by year (seminar cycle) or seminar name. You can also sort your result by clicking on the column names. For example, you can sort by seminar start date by clicking the words “Seminar Start Date.” Click it again to reverse the search from newest to oldest or vice versa. 

    Beneath your CC history you can see a history of your Standard First Aid and Practice Reviews. Similar to the previous section, you can sort this data by selecting columns, allowing you to sort the information by date, either ascending or descending.


    This section of your member profile will show your upcoming event. Please note that seminars will not show up here. The events that show up here will be ACAC events, including member meetings and the Annual General Meeting. You will be able to register for these events directly though the website. Event reminders will also show up in the side bar. 


    Here you will be able to view all past receipts from annual renewal and registration, including receipts for professional corporation renewal and other miscellaneous payments. 


    The last section of your member profile is where you can view your current and historical registration and professional corporation permits. You can open these permits as PDFs and save them to your computer and print them.