About ACAC

Founded in 1917, the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors (ACAC) is both a regulatory body and professional association.

Mission statement

The ACAC is dedicated to advancing the chiropractic profession by:

  • Regulating the profession in a manner that supports quality care and upholds public trust;
  • Furthering awareness and understanding of the benefits of chiropractic care among Albertans; and
  • Fostering positive member engagement.


The ACAC’s regulatory role of protecting the public and patients in accordance with the Health Professions Act (including the Chiropractors Profession Regulation) is accomplished by:

  • registering Doctors of Chiropractic in Alberta
  • establishing a Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, Bylaws and other practice guidelines
  • establishing, monitoring and evaluating professional, clinical and ethical standards
  • investigating complaints and initiating disciplinary proceedings when necessary
  • establishing a continuing professional competency program for all members


The professional association activities are committed to promoting the value of chiropractic to Albertans. Dedicated to helping Albertans live healthier lives, the association:

  • promotes the effectiveness and benefits of chiropractic treatment
  • provides information and materials to increase awareness and knowledge of chiropractic and general good health
  • sponsors and facilitates evidence-based research
  • develops and promotes public service programs to benefit Albertans’ health


The ACAC is governed by a member-elected Council, led by the Chair, who is elected by sitting Council members. As well, two public members are appointed to the ACAC Council by the Government of Alberta.

Council sets policy for the Alberta profession and ensures regulations are met, which in turn ensures appropriate public safety. Council also sets the ACAC’s strategic directions, programs and activities and allocates budget funds to support these activities.

The day-to-day business of the ACAC is managed by a CEO, supported by regulatory, association and administrative staff.