Straighten Up Alberta (SUA) is a public education program offered by Alberta’s chiropractors, designed to increase awareness of posture and guide Albertans in posture strengthening to improve spinal health. The SUA program is easy to perform, takes only minutes and can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

When evaluated, study participants who practiced Straighten Up for at least five weeks reported:

  • improved posture,
  • strengthened core muscles, and
  • greater comfort when sitting and standing

Visit to access the SUA program guides, information about posture and spinal health, and other resources.

The program

A few simple guidelines before you start:
Think positively │ Stand tall │ Breathe calmly, deeply and slowly │ Move smoothly

This program is designed for healthy children and adults. If you or your child has a disorder or disability that limits activity and movement, please check with your chiropractor or other health care provider to make sure this program is appropriate.