Concerns About a Chiropractor

Sometimes concerns can arise about a chiropractor or their clinic staff and you are uncertain whether to address the situation by filing a formal complaint. The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors (ACAC) encourages patients who have concerns about the services they receive to first discuss the matter directly with their chiropractor. Your chiropractor would likely appreciate the opportunity to address any concerns you have, directly with you.

If your issues are unresolved after speaking with your chiropractor or you are not in a position to address the issue directly, you are invited to contact the ACAC’s Complaints Director to discuss the most appropriate process by which to best resolve your concerns.

The Complaints Director can be reached by email or by phone at 780-420-0932.

If a conversation with your chiropractor does not feel like the best option and you remain unsure about how to have the ACAC engage with your concern, we again invite you to contact the Complaints Director to determine how we can assist you in resolving your concerns.

Please note that even if you do not want to open a formal complaint, some concerns, especially those about unprofessional conduct, may require the Complaints Director to open a formal complaint. This is in order fulfill our mandate of protection of the public, and remain in compliance with our governing legislation, the Health Professions Act.

To learn more about the formal complaints process, submit a complaint or have further questions about complaints and concerns, please refer to the navigation bar on the left.