Biking Tips To Keep You Riding Strong

Alberta’s chiropractors, in partnership with City Television, are very proud to be the title sponsor for this year’s coverage of the Tour of Alberta. A resounding success in 2013, the inaugural [...]

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Pack It Light, Wear It Right: Backpack Safety Tips

We carry so much around with us today and when we go on extended excursions – like camping, summer festivals or vacations – we like to prepare for every possibility. [...]

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Spring Back Into Action

The snow has melted, the sun is shining and after a long winter, we’re eager to get outside and embrace spring. For many of us though, the winter months meant [...]

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Heads-up On Helmets

Remember when professional hockey players didn’t wear helmets? Looking back it seems incredibly unsafe, just like when no one wore seat belts. Today helmets are commonplace in most sports and [...]

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Proper Pillow Selection For A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is important for maintaining good health and optimal functioning, and choosing the right pillow plays a big part. In addition to providing comfort, the right pillow [...]

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Back To School: Back To Healthy Sleep Habits

With kids back in school, it’s important to help them get their sleep habits and schedule back on track. Poor sleep and fatigue can lead to problems with school work, [...]

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Don’t Let Back To School Be A Pain In Your Child’s Back

Kids and backpacks just seem to go together. Whether sending them off to school, to a sporting event or for a sleepover with a friend, chances are they are bringing [...]

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Patient Stories 2013

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to your healthcare. So we asked real patients to share why they chose chiropractic. Here are four of their [...]

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Albertans: Taking Care Of Their Own Stunts

Maybe it’s the allure of the possible danger, or the excited rush you get from being the everyday hero that calls people to be a stunt person. It’s exciting, it’s [...]

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Watch Your Back This Winter: Lift Right And Shovel Light To Reduce Risk Of Pain And Injury

Heavy snowfall and wintery conditions, you say? Bring it on! Alberta’s chiropractors have your back. “Snow shoveling, slips and falls are still the top reasons for back and muscle pain [...]

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