Celebrating World Spine Day: Part I – Protecting Your Back At Home

October 16th is World Spine Day (WSD). On this day every year, those across the globe, within the health care community, various political decision makers and general public, gather to [...]

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Back Health For Frequent Drivers

Our province is beautiful – and expansive – making driving necessary to get where we need to be. Whether it’s grabbing your commuter cup full of piping, hot coffee and [...]

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Your Spinal Health Part Two

Your spine keeps you standing, sitting, walking, dancing and all other every day activities – but what happens to it as we age? What are the conditions and disease that [...]

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Your Spinal Health Part One

It’s interesting to think that from the time we’re born, we rely on our spine. We use it every day – all day – and lets us do all the [...]

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Listen To Your Body: Sprains And Strains

So, it’s the long weekend, and you’ve been out biking/raking/gardening/golfing/rollerblading/insert-any-activity-here and something hurts. First, good for you for listening to your body. Now, let’s figure out if it’s a sprain [...]

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Doctors Of Chiropractic: Highly Educated And Specially Trained

Are chiropractors real doctors? What kind of training do chiropractors have? We hear these questions a lot. So we thought we’d share some answers. Are chiropractors real doctors? Yes, they [...]

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Chiropractic In Alberta

What is chiropractic? What can chiropractic do for me? What can I expect from a chiropractic treatment? These are all questions that Albertans often have when considering chiropractic treatment. We [...]

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Straighten Up For World Spine Day – October 16

October 16 marks World Spine Day – a day when we recognize the incredible power of the spine. Your spine is important. It’s what connects your arms, legs and head [...]

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Listen To Your Body!

We’ve all been there, that moment when you realize you just have to … listen to your body. You wouldn’t try to hold off for just one more day if [...]

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Is Technology Becoming A Pain In Your Child’s Neck?

Did you know Canadians send an average of 250 million texts per day? Along with the convenience that advancing technology provides comes the need to minimize the risk of injury. [...]

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